The Lansdowne


The Landsdowne, Gloucester Ave at the top of Fitzroy Road.  Relaxed vibe, renowned for its menu, and some say the best pizzas in London.

The Princess of Wales, 22 Chalcot Road.  Old-school boozer, renovated last year, but still comfy and traditional.

The Engineer, corner of Gloucester Ave and Princess Road.  One of the original gastro-pubs, but the brewery caused a furore by taking back the lease from the architects of its success.  Luckily they didn’t change much: good food and atmosphere remain, as does the loud but pretty wallpaper.

The Queens, Regent’s Park Road, tends to be lively, and spills cheerfully out onto the pavement.  If you can bag the table on the balcony overlooking the park, you’ll feel like the king of the Hill.

The Queens Number 1 Edis Street closed down last year, and Harry Enfield is awaiting planning permission to turn it into a dwelling.

The Pembroke, Gloucester Ave next to Chalk Farm Bridge.  Lovely outside space; lovely inside space.


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