Food Shops and Catering

Let’s face it, no one is ever going to expect to get their weekly shop from the shops on Regent’s Park Road.  However, there’s no shortage of food shops and catering in Primrose Hill.

The closest thing we have to a supermarket is Shepherds at 59-61 Regent’s Park Road. Long opening hours and eclectic stock. http://shepherdfoods.co.uk/AboutUs/AboutUs.html









At 146 Regent’s Park Road we have Anthony’s Deli, a firm favourite for locals and visitors, with a great selection of cheeses, cooked meats and Italian goodies.  Also a popular cafe.

Anthony's Deli










Melrose and Morgan at 42 Gloucester Ave have been busily making a name for themselves for offering high-quality, seasonal food to go and catering alongside some very chic larder staples.  Also a branch in Hampstead.


Spirit of L'Absinthe
The Spirit of L’Absinthe resides next door to L’Absinthe Restaurant, and offers breakfasts and  lunches to go or eat in, some French groceries and a fully-fledged catering service, dished out with the spirit of bonhomie  you might expect if you are familiar with the restaurant.


Spirit Of L'Absinthe


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