HS2 – ‘there is a better way’

HS2, the proposed high-speed rail link to the Midlands, is going to cost a fortune, cut a swathe through some of our prettiest countryside, and transport us to Birmingham more quickly than at present. And alarmingly to residents of LB Camden, as things stand it is going to pass in a tunnel under Darwin Court and Gloucester Avenue and also require the demolition of hundreds of homes to the north of Euston Station.

Food for thought can be found here:

A worrying – and expensive – situation. However, help is at hand. Lord Berkeley OBE, Lord Bradshaw and Jonathan Roberts have devised a plan to avoid all that upheaval: the Euston Cross, which would send HS2 under Euston and out to Stratford by tunnel.

Sounds sensible, doesn’t it?

Well, these plans may find themselves scotched before they have got off the ground, as this week’s Camden New Journal informs us.
On Monday 20 May, these three wise men will be presenting their proposals to a public meeting at Cecil Sharp House, Gloucester Avenue NW1. According to the flyer, this is a ‘non-party event’ and those planning to attend should RSVP to Chris Naylor at chris.naylor@camden.gov.uk
HS2 meeting flyer

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