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Review: Sweet Things Cakery

Having a sunny weekday morning to idle away seems like a very guilty pleasure, and to compound that sense of skipping school, I headed off for a treat at Sweet Things with an eager partner in crime. Elevenses at a cupcake shop: finding a willing companion was not hard work.

I was on a mission: my ulterior motive in heading to Sweet Things was to indulge in a pot of their frozen yoghurt. Cupcakes are sadly ruled out for me as I am allergic to egg – a crucial ingredient to a cake-mix – but frozen yoghurt is usually an egg-free zone. Naturally I checked with the assistant first; there was enough doubt in her voice to make me double-check, but it turned out that she had made it herself, and was certain of her ingredients.

I chose a mango topping to compliment the yoghurty tang, but in the event the mixture hadn’t frozen, so wasn’t available. Deflated, I eyed the cupcakes ruefully, but they were strictly out-of-bounds for me. Each one was a work of sugary art.

Meanwhile, cup-cake taster in chief was delighted to choose three differently-flavoured mini cupcakes, rather than one large one, in order to report back on the flavours. Oreo was an accurate recreation of that American cookie in cake form, chocolate was exactly that, and mocha seemed to have the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate. The cakes were dense and moist, and the icing perfectly gooey and buttery.

Sweet Things Cupcakes

Our drinks arrived some time after the cakes had been consumed: a decent white americano for me, and an excellent strawberry smoothie for the sweet-toothed one. Tap-water was available at the till.

smoothie and americano

We sat outside at one of the pavement tables, watching the morning unfold. If sitting with your back to the road, take care not to push your chair backwards down the little step.

Sweet Things is a fresh, pretty shop full of delightful and very sweet things.

Our bill for all of the above came to £11.10.


138 Regents Park Road, NW1 8XL

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