Pup Aid 2013: 7 Sept, Primrose Hill

Pup Aid
A fun, super-quirky, celebrity-judged dog-show in the beautiful setting of Primrose Hill, helping to end the abhorrent and barbaric practice of puppy-farming: if Pup Aid didn’t have you at hello, you have a heart of stone.

Marc with a pal, photo Julia Claxton
Marc with a pal, photo Julia Claxton

Marc Abraham, founder and driving force behind Pup Aid, is a practicing vet, but is probably best known for his TV and radio appearances on such shows as ITV This Morning, BBC Breakfast and Animal Rescue Live. He is also a tireless and formidable campaigner on issues of animal welfare.

Marc is making it his mission to educate as many people as he can reach on the unpleasant business of puppy farming – the commercial production of puppies, produced and sold with little concern for the welfare of the litters or their parents. His message is two-fold: don’t buy puppies that you suspect may be the output of a puppy farm – if in doubt ask ‘where’s Mum’ and see what response you get; and make sure that you sign the epetition, which handily enough you can do by clicking here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49528.

Epetitions are a government scheme to help ordinary people influence policy. The Pup Aid epetition is currently in 5th place out of the hundreds of active epetitions, and is the top-trending epetition in the UK. Having recently blasted past the 50000 signatories milestone, it is well on the way to reaching the 100,000 names it needs for the government to consider debating the topic in the House of Commons – as long as people keep on signing.

Marc with some of last year's judges; photo Julia Claxton
Marc with some of last year’s judges; photo Julia Claxton

Last year’s event was an extraordinary afternoon of dogs, dog-lovers, shopping and animal-loving celebrities, and this year promises to be just as much fun. And Crufts this is not. Although there is a class for Best Pedigree Dog, sponsored by the Kennel Club, other categories reflect the often eccentric charm of our canine pals. Maybe you own the Prettiest Bitch. Or the most handsome dog? Best Rescue Dog, perhaps? Most Stylish Pooch? Child’s Best Friend? Or perhaps you have been waiting for My Dog’s Got Talent. Other categories are just as fabulous. Turn up at 10am to register your dog; the show starts at 11am.

Mark has always been a fan of Primrose Hill. ‘It’s enchanting, such a happy place,’ he told me, explaining why he thinks Primrose Hill and Pup Aid are such a great match. ‘It’s a unique setting for a unique event.’

For more information about PupAid and to find out how you can help, click here:


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