Dogs, dog-lovers and celebrities were rounded up on Saturday 7 Sept by Marc Abraham, aka Marc the TV Vet, for a light-hearted – some might say eccentric – dog-show on Primrose Hill.  Categories including Prettiest Bitch and Most Stylish Pooch were judged and rosettes were awarded; spectators admired the dogs and shopped at the many stalls that were set up for the occasion.

However, there was a serious purpose to all of this canine fun. Marc is spear-heading the Pup Aid campaign to wipe out the barbaric practice of puppy farming.  Find out more about it here: www.pupaid.org

And add your voice to the campaign by signing the e-petition here:


Fittingly, the rosette for Best in Show went to Zoe, a rescue breeding bitch.

Take a look at the photos to see who turned up to take part.

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