“I often think my mother would prefer colonic irrigation to hanging out with me,” declares JJ at the very start of ‘Mother of the Year’, the painfully funny new novel by Primrose Hill-based writer Karen Ross.  Immediately the reader knows that she is in for a treat of  Chick-Lit of the highest order.

Ross sets her characters on a hilarious but bittersweet journey of self-discovery, along the way uncovering a strength of warmth, love and understanding in the most inauspicious and hopeless-seeming circumstances.

A truism: love can conquer all, but JJ and her fabulously successful, apparently distant mother put this to the test, as they are dextrously led by Ross through the adversity required for the love each has for the other to become apparent.

With a convincing plot – for instance, which of us hasn’t disastrously sent an email to the wrong person by accident? – and characters who face familiar frustrations and self-created muddle – although few of us can say we have been mistaken for Fiona Bruce in a dodgy spa in Kilburn – Ross finds the most poignant and witty means to draw upon her insight into the type of life-experience we all face.

Ross cleverly keeps us wondering how this dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship will ever resolve itself right up until the dramatic denouement.  Add to this the local settings, with Primrose Hill playing a starring role in some pivotal scenes, Mother of the Year makes for a lush, funny and wallowing read.  Surely of appeal to all followers of!

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