Sew many ideas, sew much inspiration, sew much love.

Roz Davies’s first book is a sewing manual; and so much more besides.

Self-published, the book sets out to teach the beginner to sew and to represent what goes on at her shop and workshop on Primrose Hill’s Chalcot Road. Passing through the months of the year, Roz offers projects with clear and detailed instructions which become progressively harder, with new skills added to the foundations laid in preceding chapters. From an entry-level sewing-machine mat and pin cushion in ‘Jolly January’, passing through, for example, baby outfits in ‘Magical May’ and holiday accessories in ‘Jubilant July’, Roz leads us to a triumphant celebration of Christmas in ‘Decorative December’, having imbued skills, confidence and inspiration along the way.

Roz explained to me that what makes her book unique, she feels, is that each project has instructions, diagrams and patterns together, rather than having them separated out as in other sewing manuals. To me, though, the uniqueness of the book comes in the joy that sings out from each page: from Roz’s hand-drawn diagrams, from her choice of fabrics and from the kindness and thoughtfulness of her tone.

If you consider the idea of sewing to be alarming, and if you doubt that you could achieve success with it, think again! Roz will see you through.

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