“How much pain are you feeling on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the bad end?”
“Two. At worst.”

I was in the hands of Sam Larkin, owner of the NuYu salon which opened on Princess Road back in November. I had finally given in to common sense and was having my first session of hair removal with Sam’s state of the art Soprano Ice laser machine.

The pursuit of smooth legs, hairless underarms and a tidy bikini line is an ongoing campaign for most women. We all know the advantages and disadvantages of shaving and waxing, but it turns out that Sam’s Soprano ice machine is a game-changer.

Semi-permanent, in that some hair may return after around six years, virtually pain-free, for me at least, and apparently safe, I am thrilled to have taken the plunge.

Most people need six sessions, six weeks apart, in order to catch all the hairs at whichever point of their growth cycle they happen to be. Sam clearly explained how that worked, even drawing diagrams of the hairs in their follicles, and then took me through a very thorough health questionnaire. I had already popped in the week before for a patch test to check my skin’s reaction, so by the time I settled down on the treatment couch I felt very thoroughly prepared.

I’m more than happy to admit that I was slightly nervous; having waxed for years, I really felt that I was stepping outside of my comfort zone. There was no need to worry, however: Sam exudes competence and friendly professionalism and I hardly noticed her top notch machine gliding over me doing its job. I found that the hardest part was the necessity to shave the hairs before the treatment; having waxed for so long, wielding a razor in the shower was much more of a challenge than I remembered.

Nuyu is a lovely salon, fresh and light, and Sam obviously runs a happy and enthusiastic team. Other treatments include Botox, fillers and peels, as well as hair services.

Sam very kindly treated me to the laser session for the purposes of this review. And her generosity doesn’t stop there: readers of receive a 20% discount on all skincare treatments until 1 September. Just quote iLovePrimroseHill at time of booking.
Tel: 0203 005 2504

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