AESTHETICS LAB is a clinic for serious skincare. Not just for a bit of pampering, but for serious treatments that promise serious results. Botox, fillers and peels are all on offer, as well as laser hair removal, lipotripsy for face and body sculpting and Lympha Press for tackling cellulite. You can even have a ‘beautylift with PDO threads’ carried out by Dr Gabriella Mercik, whose literature states that the procedure ‘gently lifts and tightens skin on the face and body without surgery.’

Having opened its doors to the public in May, Aesthetics Lab is a brand spanking new clinic in Primrose Hill with four fresh and simply-presented treatment rooms. I had been very kindly invited to try the Aesthetics Lab luxury facial with lipotripsy and facial yoga. Despite being completely in the dark as to the lipotripsy and facial yoga aspects of my treatment, iLPH is ever intrepid on your behalf, dear reader, so I was happy to trust that as long as luxury was involved, all else would fall into place. Which indeed it did.

A warm and smiley welcome in the sparkling reception, the usual disclosure forms to fill in, and I was whisked downstairs by the very business-like therapist Gwen, who enlightened me as to the more mysterious aspects of my treatment. Lipotripsy, it turns out, is a treatment administered by a machine that pulses radial waves into the skin to stimulate, amongst other things, cellular metabolism, with the aim of fighting ageing through lifting the skin and by tackling wrinkles. Facial yoga, meanwhile, is an advanced massage technique with the goal of sculpting and lifting facial muscles. I was all for that, and all I had to do was down a bright green shot of vitamins then strip off, snuggle down under a pile of towels and give up my face, neck and shoulders to their oncoming beautification.

Cleansing, exfoliation and massage followed; my skin was assessed and welcome advice was given for slightly adjusting my day-to-day routine. The room was dimly lit, and pleasant background music played. All very relaxing.

And then came the facial yoga. Slightly out of the blue, my cheeks were put through a routine of pummelling, pinching and kneading, all carried out with expertise and confidence; although it was far from restful, I’m sure it did me a lot of good.

The next stage on this skincare odyssey was the lipotripsy, which was sensibly demonstrated on my arm first to so I knew what was coming when it was applied to my face. As I have sensitive skin Gwen kept it on a low setting and the pulses were perfectly bearable

I suspect my skin must have been glowing red by now, and a cold, soothing mask was applied from the fridge. Then all too soon, as is always the case with facials, it was time to slowly raise myself up from my comfortable bed and climb back upstairs to daylight, cheeks glowing red and healthy.

Lipotripsy needs a few treatments close together in order to get the full benefits, but the whole experience left my skin smooth and plump; the redness that sensitive skin will always suffer after a vigorous treatment had faded by the next day.

Joint owners and managers Marsha Starcevic, Kristina Paunova and Tania Zahoor Rashid were there to meet me when I re-emerged, blinking, into the sunlight. It has to be said that, with incredibly youthful looks which belie their experience, they really are their own best advertisement.

AESTHETICS LAB are offering iLPH readers 10% off all treatment courses until the end of July. Quote iLOVEPRIMROSEHILL at time of booking.
128 Regents Park Road, NW1 8XL
020 7722 5872

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