Show dates: October 16–30
Private view: Friday October 16 – 6-9pm
Location: Beside the Wave, 41Chalcot Road, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8LS

BESIDE THE WAVE GALLERY is offering a new collection of paintings by one of the county’s most exciting contemporary artists, Kerry Harding.

Based on the north coast of Cornwall, Harding has worked and exhibited all over the world. Her art responds to specific motifs found in her surroundings, building on past experimentation with abstract expressionism, using the process of re-layering and taking away to ‘destroy’, distort or encompass the motif and reflect the imprint of something you see every day.

Of her work, Harding says, “Like many painters before me, moving to Cornwall in 2000 was a fundamental moment in my work. Seeing a horizon after being in London for seven years and living by the sea after years of longing, I felt like I’d come home. Cornwall offered me the subject matter of a weathered atmospheric landscape created through the elements adding and taking away. This physicality and unpredictability of what is left behind were exactly what I enjoyed most in the painting process.”

The artist will be present for the opening reception on Friday October 16th at 6–9pm.

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