Ever had that awful moment when you get to work and can’t remember if you shut the front door or switched off the iron?  Or need someone to wait in for a John Lewis delivery and you just can’t be there yourself? Then you need friendly retired local resident Des Pell and his new service, ‘Des, Do me a Favour.’

Des says this:

“I live in the Oldfield Complex, having retired from my formal working life which spanned 46 years, mainly in engineering, project management and consulting services to the oil, gas and mining industries, operating in many countries.  I love living in Primrose Hill and most recently have been working as a part time volunteer at Mary’s Living and Giving Charity Shop on Regents Park Road. At present I offer a totally bespoke service to friends, family and would now like to offer this more widely.”

Des, do me a favour…

  • Open my door for the TV people.
  • I’ve locked my keys inside, can you meet the locksmith and either bring me the keys or meet me later to open up.
  • Can you meet the Estate Agent and walk through the place with them.
  • I’ve a builder coming for a quote can you meet them.
  • I’ve builders coming can you let them in.
  • I’ve a delivery coming today sometime can you take delivery for me.

Can you check if I:

  • Switched the taps off.
  • Switched the lights off.
  • Switched the Alarm on.

I forgot my:

  • Bag
  • Wallet
  • Keys

Some other possibilities:

  • Meet my parents and let them in.
  • Empty my fridge, I forgot to do it in the rush of leaving.
  • Throw the garbage away I forgot in the rush of going on holiday.
  • Buy some Milk and basics for me as I will be back home really really late.
  • Hold my spare keys while I’m on holiday.

Example of a recent text received by Des:

‘Morning Dez. It’s Pxx, I need a massive favour if you are in Primrose today. I’ve gone to New York and can’t remember if I locked the front door or pulled it to for that matter. If you are on Fitzroy Road today and near number # would you mind looking? I’m sure I must have. If you aren’t in town not to worry. P xxx’

Des would love to hear from you to find out how he can help. Charges negotiable. Contact him on 07785926620 or at

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