Spring is in the air, Easter is coming, and the shelves at our local artisan grocer, Melrose and Morgan, are heaving with with seasonal goodies.  And naturally iLPH wanted to try them.

Think shortbreads, Simnel Cake, chocolates by Rococo and vegan eggs created in collaboration with Mr Prempys, all packaged up in blue, yellow and white packaging, a departure from Melrose and Morgan’s signature red.

Thankfully, the official iLPH teenagers were more than happy to oblige in sampling these delights.

The traditional Simnel Cakes, with marzipan balls representing the apostles, are a lightly spiced, citrusy moist cake packed full of apple-soaked fruits and their secret ingredient: marmalade (oops, sorry, not so secret now!). There is a generous layer of marzipan in the centre and then a hand-toasted marzipan layer on top.  ‘Almondy and fruity’ was the verdict, and also ‘tastes like Gran made it,’ which of course is high praise indeed.

Large Simnel in a tin, 800g, £20 Simnel Loaf Cake, 700g, £12.95 Box of 6 mini Simnels, 300g, £9.95

The Shortbread Bunnies were found to be the perfect shortbread: buttery, crumbly and more-ish. And so cute. £4.75.

The Spiced Shortbread was rich with warm spicy flavours and doused in sugar, to general delight. Perfect for dunking in a good strong cuppa. £3.95

Caution: clicking on the following gallery may cause drooling and tummy-rumbles.


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