Halloween is one of the best times of the year in Primrose Hill.

It’s complete and utter delightful, charming, apparently spontaneous fun and madness.

Every year as dusk falls on 31st October, households all over Primrose Hill unveil their eery Halloween decorations in various degrees of artistry and intricacy; and over the course of two crazy hours our neighbourhood swarms with children and their adults, who have put astonishing amount of thought and imagination into their costumes.

Pumpkins are placed on doorsteps to show that the residents are participating in the fun, and general craziness ensues.

Over the years, certain conventions have established themselves; if you’re not sure of the ropes, this iLPH guide is here to help:

• Halloween is 31st October, and 31st October only.

• Wait until it’s dark, or at least twilight, before you attempt to trick or treat, however little or excited you are. No one will be ready for you otherwise. Usually 5pm is about the time.

• Only knock on doors with a lit pumpkin outside – and don’t worry, there will be lots! It’s the sign that whoever is home will be glad to see you and is waiting with treats.

• Dress up and don’t hold your imagination back!

• Have fun!

• Everything ends when the pumpkins are extinguished and taken back inside, which happens as magically as their appearance earlier.

• Then it’s home to scoff the sweets you have amassed and then bedtime!

• The next day there will be a few burnt-out pumpkins and other clues that this magic happened, then it’s just the long wait until next year.

What have I left out?

© text and images 2018 Joanna Reeves for iLovePrimroseHill

Here’s a gallery of photos from previous years to get you in the mood and for inspiration:

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