Michael Nadra

Here at iLPH HQ I love to cook, but from time to time, like everyone else, I also love the idea of a delivery, especially when I’ve had a busy day and I’m tired and hungry.  It’s a treat and I want it to feel like one – good food, brought to me promptly and at the right temperature.  And how often I’m disappointed!

So when I spotted Michael Nadra on Deliveroo, I was overjoyed.

Michael’s food is simply exquisite and I knew that he would not be sending it out without making sure that it could be served at home tasting just as delicious as it does in his restaurant.  So of course we gave it a go!

Cleverly, the offering is limited to three starters, three mains with the option of a wide range of side dishes, and two desserts. Each course offers a vegan option.

Of course, you have to forego the chic glamour of Michael’s eponymous restaurant – in our case we had gathered cosily together on a rainy, blustery night to watch Die Hard while we ate – but if you are looking for the best delivery food available, this is it.

The flavours and textures were perfect and the food tasted just as good packaged up and delivered to us; it was even presented as well as one might reasonably expect.

We chose one of everything from the menu and were delighted with every single dish.   We paid £90 for this, including the Deliveroo delivery charge and a tip for the rider.

This was by far the best delivery food I have had and can see that it might become a habit.

Michael Nadra

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