I am delighted to share a message from the ‘Primrose Hill Troubles’ team, who have been campaigning so hard to resolve the recent disturbances in Primrose Hill Park:

“We are happy to report some good news about this weekend. See two messages below – one from Keir Starmer’s office and one from Inspector Richard Berns. Thanks to them, the park will be cleared and closed at 10pm on Friday and Saturday.
We are well aware that this is only a short term fix, but it seems to be a strong sign that Keir’s office and the police now join the Councillors and residents in acknowledging the extent of the problem and calling for action from the Royal Parks.
Our efforts are working so please do keep sending in evidence to and collecting more names for the petition. We need to continue to record and document what is going on in the park at night. On a really bad night, video footage seems to be particularly effective.”

From the Constituency Office of Sir Keir Starmer:

I am sure that you are aware, however just in case I wanted to pass on the relative good news that Primrose Hill will be closed at night this coming Friday and Saturday at 22:00.

Obviously this remains a short term fix, and this office is working with Camden Council to co-ordinate further approaches to the Royal Parks for viable medium and long-term solutions. I also hope to arrange an opportunity for Keir to hear from the community directly just as soon as his schedule permits.

In the meantime please do keep in touch if there are further developments which you would like to get on Keir’s radar.

With best wishes, 

Constituency Office Manager

Office of Keir Starmer QC, MP

From Inspector Richard Berns: … I have just got off a conference call with my counterparts in the Parks Police. The park will be closed at 2200 this weekend and we will be helping to clear it. This will still be a resource intensive challenge but we feel it is necessary due to this being the last weekend before much of the hospitality industry reopens.

Let’s hope these measures work and that Primrose Hill can finally get some sleep!

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