Series launch! Primrose Hill is known as a hang-out for celebrities and a home to the well-to-do, but at our community has a big heart for charity and supporting others. In our new series on the charitable work that goes on in Primrose Hill, we chat with some of our local heroes to find out what they do and why they do it.

First up, Mary’s Living and Giving, a charity shop so chic you wouldn’t necessarily know it was a charity shop at all. Adam put some questions to manager Melanie; here’s what she said:

What have been the highlights about the shop being open on Primrose Hill?

  • A creative space for people to collaborate, share and commune with energy and kindness.
  • Inspire the community and bring the community to life.
  • Provide volunteering roles within the local community.
  • Sustainable fashion- Changing fast fashion, the high street in the locality and the way people shop in the future.
  • What are the benefits of the shop being open in Primrose Hill?
  • The local community can donate preloved things that can go on to raise money to help children within the community and across the world when needed in emergencies.
  • To be able to sell new products sourced from independent, ethical producers- with 100% profits go towards helping change the future for children.
  • A cooperative, with the community involvement at the heart of the shop whether that is volunteering with us, donating preloved clothing or homewear/ books for others.
  • To meet people and have a chat.
  • What have been the problems of the shop being open on Primrose Hill?
  • The challenges and threats facing any retail shop on any high street are theft of goods, antisocial behaviour, or violence from the public on the premises.
  • Cost of rising utilities and rent rates for any charity or high street shop in desirable areas.
  • What are the charities main challenges?
  • Not having enough volunteers to be able to open or run the shop on a daily basis.
  • Economic pressures on individuals giving and donating.
  • Which products sell the most in your shop?

We have a wide offer and something for everyone from humans to dogs. The majority of the donated clothing, accessories, homewear/ bric a brac are great and are sold very quickly on the shop floor.

We also have lots of new goods i.e. candles, greeting cards, soaps and they sell out very fast.

Thanks so much to Melanie for sharing her thoughts with us.


Look out for the next in our series…

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