Sam’s Cafe started life on Regent’s Park Road (see our review from 2017 here for lots of background on its very Primrose Hill backstory) but is now happily settled on Chalcot Road, on the corner with Fitzroy Road, opposite the Princess of Wales.

iLPH’s Adam is a regular customer for lunch and on Saturday morning he took his brother James and James’s girlfriend Georgia along to try out breakfast.

They wanted to share the verdict; here’s Adam’s take on what they found…

📍 Location: Corner of Fitzroy Road and Chalcot Road, Primrose Hill

🌟 Atmosphere: Sam’s Café, a bustling spot in the heart of Primrose Hill, is a local favorite that attracts both regulars and visitors. The cozy restaurant, adorned with delightful Halloween decor during our visit, exuded a warm vibe. The place was abuzz with activity, a testament to its popularity among locals.

🍳 Breakfast Adventure: Our Saturday morning adventure began with high hopes. I opted for the classic boiled eggs with soldiers. They were perfect. The whites and yolks blended beautifully with the buttery goodness of the bread soldiers which enhanced the overall experience.

🍓 Berries Delight: On a sweeter note, a bowl of berries proved to be a delightful choice. The strawberries and blueberries were fresh, sweet, and beautifully presented. A pleasant supplement to the eggs.

🍽️ Georgia’s Gluten-Free Halloumi Delight: Georgia’s gluten-free halloumi breakfast roll stole the spotlight. Toasted to perfection, generously filled with halloumi, and elevated by a spicy mayo, it proved to be a value-for-money gem at £5. No gluten-free surcharge was an added bonus, making it a win in her book.

🍳 James and the Full English: James is the harshest food critic (as our parents know well), and has a stomach like a bottomless pit that can never be filled, so his critique of his full English breakfast was considered and not lightly offered. He particularly loved the bacon and mushrooms. There was also a sausage, baked beans and a slice of black pudding which he would have loved more of. The £15 price tag was reasonable, he felt, and the plate would have been very filling for anyone with a normal-sized appetite.

💬 Verdict: Sam’s Café has mastered the art of local charm and caters well to allergies with a diverse menu. The locals stopping by all day and the visitors from further afield attest to Sam’s being a beloved and welcoming spot in Primrose Hill. The perfect neighbourhood cafe – but better! 🌈🍴

Sam’s Cafe. Click here for more info.

40 Chalcot Road, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8LS

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