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Uncertainty over the future of The Albert Pub is causing concern; a local resident expresses his views:

Dear iLovePrimroseHill,

I am writing to express my objections to the redevelopment of The Albert Public House on Princess Rd, NW1 and have it on good authority that you are good people to speak with on matters such as these. I believe there are very strong reasons to oppose this scheme-outlined below- most of which I assume you are already aware of, so forgive me if I am stating the obvious:

•    The proposed new conservatory is over 3 times the size of the current conservatory taking over a huge portion of the garden (already smaller from the proposed house).

•         Noise pollution is already an issue in a predominantly residential area – the proposed sliding conservatory doors will funnel noise from inside the pub and this noise will not be restricted to the summer months but will resonate all year round due to the new roof.

•         Light pollution – the space is currently a largely dark area (albeit with a large spotlight on the back of the pub) but the proposed development will change that dramatically.

•         Loss of greenery – the garden and surrounding trees are home to a large variety of wildlife – the proposal shows removal of all the planting and the area will be completely developed in brick and concrete causing a depletion of local wildlife and harming the local ecosystem.

•         The proposal- if granted- would set a dangerous precedent for future development of garden spaces in this Conservation Area.

•         The proposed development would concentrate pub-goers in a much reduced area – this is likely to be dominated by smokers – polluting the air for local houses.

One of these factors on their own might be considered acceptable in a new development (though I would dispute that myself) but when taken as a whole I think the proposed scheme can only have a detrimental impact on the local neighbourhood. I am not in any way opposed to development per se-  the exigencies of a city like London would render those arguments ridiculous- but it must be done in a way to protect and conserve both the local environment and the local residents and I feel this scheme falls short on both of those counts. What is perhaps most worrying is that there was no mention of the proposed development of the conservatory during the recent Public Enquiry which strongly indicates that the developers have tried to surreptitiously rush the planning through whilst everyone is busy during the festive period. I would suggest that it amply demonstrates the developers’ justifiable fears over the unpopularity of the proposed scheme with the local residents.

Primrose Hill- as you well know- is a special place that needs protecting from unscrupulous development. I am sure that anyone with an affinity for the area will be opposing this scheme and am hopeful that Camden Council will see fit to reject the more grasping aspects of this proposal. In the meantime I feel that we must do our utmost to highlight the negative impact of this scheme and to express the objections of the local people.

Thank you for your time.

Jonathan, local resident.

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  1. Phil Cowan

    Jonathan makes very good points about the applications to obliterate the garden of The Albert and change the venue for the worse. I hope he and others will direct their objections to the council who will ultimately decide on what happens.
    Many thanks

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