Harriet is the iLPH Local Hero for April 2019 for the generosity of spirit that pervades her success.

Already a highly-respected and established independent jeweller when she opened her eponymous boutique in Regents Park Road in January 2018, Harriet has gone from strength to strength, most recently winning the 2019 Business Book Award in the Start-up Inspiration category for ‘the Creative’s Guide to Starting a Business.’ See my review here.

Harriet is all about using her talent to support others and help them achieve. And being such a creative soul, she does this in a variety of ways, such as through her commitment to fair-trade ethics and responsible practices; by writing her book to share the lessons that life and business have taught her; or through her involvement and leadership in such bodies as the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, the National Association of Jewellers, of which she is Chair, the Responsible Jewellery Council and the British Hallmarking Council, where she is a board member.

Harriet Kelsall has been formally announced as the first female chair of The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ)
Harriet Kelsall (photo credit: The National Association of Jewellers), the first female chair of The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ)

She is a huge inspiration and we are incredibly lucky to have her and her boutique, Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, in our midst.

Congratulations, Harriet, on being an iLPH Local Hero.


© 2019 Joanna Reeves

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