Here is a message about the rumours of a rave planned for this evening on Primrose Hill, and how we can help avert it. Please share!

Cllr Oliver Cooper writes:  Below is the reply that I’ve received from Neil Holyoak from Metropolitan Police.  I am pleased to hear they agreed that intervening early is essential and have made provisions to nip it in the bud.

As you can see, Superintendent Holyoak also asked for the information to be disseminated, so it would be helpful if you could help with that?

Kind regards,


Cllr Oliver Cooper

Leader of the Opposition, London Borough of Camden

Councillor, Hampstead Town ward

Leader of the Conservative Group

http://www.oliver-cooper.com | @OliverCooper

Dear Cllr Cooper,

I am the Superintendent in charge of neighbourhood policing for Camden and Raj has asked me to contact you as the weekend is rapidly approaching.

We are aware of the information/intelligence concerning a potential large gathering in Primrose Hill. We have factored this in to our policing plan for the weekend and extra officers (uniform and plain clothes) will be on duty, focusing on the Primrose Hill area. The stance we will take is early intervention to stop anyone intending to hold a rave. This includes seizing music equipment and consideration to prosecute offenders if required under the criminal justice and public order act 1994. The key thing is we tackle this early before large numbers of people attend.

With the pubs re-opening, we have had several meetings with Camden Council to ensure noise complaints and licensing issues are also tackled promptly too. Our plans locally are supported by a significant uplift in public order officers across London who will be on duty over the weekend to support individual Borough’s if needed.

The key message to the public is we need support;

1.       Not to attend any such unlicensed events. We know criminals organise these events and drug dealing, sexual offences, violence and anti-social behaviour are likely to occur – hence why the police will attend to close the events down.

2.       An appeal to the public to call and report if they believe someone is setting up a rave (it takes many hours to set up and this is the time we would strike and use legislation)…. Even if it is just two people setting up, we need the publics assistance to tell us so we can respond.

We will be putting messages out via social media and Raj and I have made these appeals regularly when we have been interviewed for the Camden New Journal. If you could assist by passing on the two main points to any concerned residents, I would grateful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me further if needed.

Kind regards


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