The organisers of the Invicta Summer Academy London say they are “astonished” by the enormous response from parents and teachers to their programme of free summer holiday online tutorials in English and Maths.

Lessons begin on Monday 10t​ h August, with the backing of London MPs, Councillors and the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE.

The Academy was founded initially in Kent by Cllr. Anna Firth, and Folkestone primary school teacher Stephen James, and then the small, but dedicated team in London made up of Leila Roy, Amanda Eliades, Shreena Parkinson and Alexander Shayler decided to launch the academy across London.

Sporting the motto ​‘Veni Didici Vici’​ – Latin for ‘We Came, We Learnt, We Conquered’ – the Academy will provide free lessons for Keystages 1 – 4, beginning on Monday 10 August.

​All lessons will run to a timetable through which parents and guardians can sign up their children on our website. ​“It’s all hands on deck in London”​, says Invicta Academy’s London’s safeguarding lead, Amanda Eliades, ​“we have had so many offers of help from Londoners keen to give their time to help our local children get back up to speed before September.”

Sign up for lessons here:

For more information:

Invicta Academy

Leila Roy, London Team Lead: 0207 209 1286.


Leila says, ‘We are run completely by donations, so if you feel you can donate to help us help London children, we would be incredibly grateful.’


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