Its Bagels has brought a little NYC to Primrose Hill in more ways than one. Not just the delicious, chewy, authentic bagels overflowing with filling, but also the queue around the block until the batch runs out for the day. It happens in New York (the ‘cronut’ craze springs to mind) but far less so in London.

So we had to try out this taste of the Big Apple for ourselves.

It took Adam a couple of attempts to catch a bagel before they ran out, but his perseverance and tactical timing paid off.

Three bagels made their way into the iLPH HQ kitchen and we unwrapped them in anticipation. Here lay our lunch.

First up, the classic, my favourite: cream cheese and smoked salmon (or ‘lox’ to use It’s Bagel’s NY-speak).

And it was exactly as I had hoped it would be. The texture of the bagel was superb, with that chewy, but not crusty, outer edge and a chewy, but not doughy, inner. The cream cheese was overflowing and the smoked salmon was tangy and salty against it.

Adam tried the egg filling, and found the filling to be overflowing and light. It had lentils amongst the egg and was a good size for a decent lunch.

iLPH’s junior partner, James, considered for a while and then pronounced the following:

  • Excellent texture to the bagel, great mouthfeel and chewiness (not overly chewy that it would ruin the ability to eat it). 
  • Maintains integrity of the bagel with each bite. 
  • White fish insides flavoursome, mayonnaise with herby and oniony flavours compliment the fish brilliantly, adding a tangy flavour to the fish. 
  • Perfect amount of bagel and insides.  

He may just have made himself the iLPH head food critic.

It’s Bagels can be found at 65 Regent’s Park Rd, London NW1 8XD.

Their website isn’t quite ready – no doubt because they have been so busy catering to the demand for their baked goods – but it can be found here.

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