At iLovePrimroseHill we love it when we have a new local café to review. This week we were delighted to head to Jolie Corner, on the pretty corner of Princess Road and Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8LD. 

There is a friendly, homely vibe, and with seating both indoors and out, it’s a charming spot for either a quick stop-off to refuel, or to settle in for a bit longer, perhaps with emails to be answered and caffeine to be absorbed. 

It was late morning and Adam was in the mood for elevenses while I was ready for an early lunch. 

 Adam’s thoughts were as follows: 

ALMOND CROISSANT: A delicious corissant, topped with almonds and white powdery snow sugar.  The almonds were very crunchy.  The interior of the croissant had almond cream. 

‘PANGO’ SMOOTHIE: It tasted fully of a rich flavour of pineapple that was very citrusy. It had a strong burst of mango. After continually drinking it this smoothie leaves a strong taste of orange in your mouth. 

Things were less successful for me, however. 

Confronted with a fresh and delicious-looking array of salads, I ordered a large selection of almost everything for £9.50, highlighting, as I always do, my allergy to egg. The chef was duly consulted, and I was told everything was fine. It all looked thoroughly vegan so I happily tucked in… 

…until I found the blob. Was it mayonnaise? Which is mainly egg, and therefore toxic to me. Or tahini, or even crème fraiche? 

So I checked, and it was as well that I did, because yes, it was mayo. 

Crisis averted. I had spotted it in time.

They offered me a new plate without the offending condiment, but I didn’t fancy it, so they refunded me – although I had to ask – and threw in my coffee on the house too, which I appreciated. 

These things happen and I’m sure they will be more careful next time. It’s such a shame to have to mention it because the rest of our experience was charming and I am sure that Jolie Corner will continue to endear itself to the Primrose Hill community. 

Jolie Corner, 67 Gloucester Ave, London NW1 8LD

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